Healthy Home Top 10 Tips

Top Tips for a Healthy Home


  1.  Ventilate Properly

    It’s critical that homes have effective ventilation throughout by installing a mechanical ventilation system. It’s also a good idea to get your furnace and your air ducts cleaned, visit Duct Masters for your healthy home needs.

  2. Use Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

    Less toxins and pollutants are spewed into the air, making the air fresher and cleaner

  3. Roll with it

    Use roll on deodorant or eco-friendly beauty products rather than aerosol cans

  4.  Consider Wood Flooring

    Carpets harbour dirt, dust mites, pet hair, fungus and other potentially harmful particles that can aggravate the lungs

  5. Unplug

    Switch off all technology devices by the wall when finished using them

  6. Take Your Shoes Off

    Leave your shoes at the door so pollen, dirt, soil etc from outdoors is not spread around your home

  7. Get it Tested

    If you notice your health deteriorating make sure your home is radon free by getting it tested, want to order a radon test check out our Premium Package

  8. Watch Paint Dry

    Make sure paint has properly dried before using the newly painted room

  9. Crack it Open

    Dry your washing outside, otherwise make sure your windows are open if you have no other option

  10. Time for a Change

    If you have a shower curtain it is important to change it regularly. Avoid getting one which is made out of vinyl as the material harbors water and creates mold.