COVID-19 Statement

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to effect daily life, Air Masters wants to assure homeowners and business partners that we are taking steps to help keep everyone safe and healthy.

We are currently operating and continue to schedule service appointments for homeowners and businesses. 

Our service technicians are taking all measures to keep you safe by maintaining a safe working environment and following the Public Health Agency of Canada guidelines designed to stop the spread of the virus.

Extra safetly measures:
· Eliminating handshaking and only using non-contact methods of greeting
· Maintaining effective social distancing when possible; recommending workers and occupants remain on opposite floors
· Testing equpiment will be sanitized repeatedly
· Wearing approved N95 face masks 
· Wearing gloves throughout our service

Our customer service department is fully staffed to assist you with scheduling service calls and meeting all your needs. Our top priority is to ensure a safe environment that will allow our team to continue to provide excellent service.

Air Masters