kingston indoor air quality testing

Kingston Indoor Air Quality Testing

Air Masters have been your local Kingston indoor air quality testing specialists for over 13 years. Your health, comfort, and safety can be greatly impacted by the air that you breathe. Our goal is to ensure the air you are breathing is clean, safe, and free from harmful airborne contaminants. It’s important to look towards air quality testing professionals who are experience, knowledgeable, and offer services with no self interests attached.

That is why the team of experts at Air Masters uses a scientific approach geared towards your health as our main priority! Our team of indoor air testing specialists is dedicated to providing each of our clients with solutions, not sales pitches! Using state of the art equipment and leading technology for all our air quality testing investigations, Air Masters will devise a customized testing plan that can uncover potentially harmful and impacting airborne stressors that may be affecting your day to day activity , comfort, and well-being. Call the indoor air quality testing specialists today for a free phone consultation, and let us show you why we are the industry leaders you can trust.

Learn more about the different particles and gases we can test for in your home or office visit IAQ Summary.

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IAQ Fun Fact

We have analyzed several years of reports to create a list of the most common elevated pollutants in the average home. The following pollutants Carbon Dioxide (CO2) was commonly found to be high. For more information on each particle and gas please visit our IAQ Summary

of homes have high co2

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“Would recommend them”
John Davidson, Beaconsfield, QC